Justin Bieber “Rescued” by Police

Police had to rescue Justin Bieber out of a Canada mall after young girls too eager to get a glimpse of the teen pop star caused a security scare on Boxing Day.

According to PopEater, Bieber was peacefully shopping at the Fairview Mall in Kitchener, Ontario, on December 26 until some fans noticed that the 16-year-old “Baby” singer was inside the establishment. The Biebs’ peaceful shopping soon came to an end as a swarm of young female fans started flocking to a Sunglass Hut shop where the singer was shopping. The fans were reportedly pushing each other against the glass panels of the store to see Bieber, forcing the establishment’s manager to seek police’s help to control the crowd and prevent any untoward incident.

When police arrived, Bieber was rushed out of the mall to prevent people from getting hurt. The incident came several days after Bieber played Santa by giving away toys to sick kids at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Bieber teamed up with radio station Q100 to collect toys from fans for the children while he was in Georgia for a concert tour just before Christmas.

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