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Summary of Popular Event News in the La Liga From Agen Sbobet Online

Apart from the Premier League, La Liga is also a league that is loved by football fans around the world. In this La Liga, we will be able to find a variety of beautiful ball playing styles performed by various clubs here. Call it like a ball-control game in the form of tiki-taka done by Barcelona.

Getafe, a Spanish club that doesn’t care about ball possession

We know that games in Spanish club leagues must always offer beautiful games to entertain the audience. No wonder the style of play from various clubs in this league also adopted the style of possession. However, it was not done by Getafe. Instead of relying on ball possession to increase goal chances, they prefer to rely more on long passes and set pieces to increase their goal chances.

Because of their tactics, some quipped their style of play which was not at all typical of the Spanish style of play. One of these alone was delivered directly by De Jong, one of the Barcelona players. This was revealed after his former club, Ajax Amsterdam, was eliminated by Getafe in the last 32 of the European League. He also felt annoyed seeing the game Getafe and quipped anyway if Getafe played not to entertain their fans.

Despite getting a satire, Bordalas, as the manager of Getafe, does not bother about it. He also felt more comfortable to create goal opportunities in the way done with his team at this time than to follow the other way.

Again, VAR caused controversy in La Liga

The existence of VAR is one of the technological adaptations in the world of football, to assist the referee in deciding things that were not immediately seen by him. So, this VAR will help him in making decisions about the problem that is happening.

However, most of the existence of this VAR led to many referee decisions that were considered quite controversial. One of them was seen again when the match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad. Barcelona has difficulty penetrating a defense that is very well guarded by defender Real Sociedad. Until the end of the first half, they could not create a goal, even though they had a lot of ball possession.

It was only before the final minutes in the second half, Barcelona was awarded a penalty by the referee for a foul committed by one of the Real Sociedad players in the forbidden box. The violation was suspected because the Real Sociedad player did a handball. With the help of VAR, referee Juan Martinez, who was leading the match, decided to point to the white point. The goal was created from a penalty kick by Messi.

Even so, many people doubted this decision because the violations created were not very clear if Robin Le Normand, defender Real Sociedad did a handball. One who expressed this opinion is Setien, Barcelona coach. He admitted that he did not see the violation. In the end, he admitted that this time Barcelona’s victory was help from VAR.

Barcelona vs Sociedad: 1 Goal that Makes the Difference

Barcelona successfully back to winning route after meticulously winning at Camp Nou against the guess, Real Sociedad. Lionel Messi becomes the differentiator through his penalty kick.

It is known, Quique Setien’s boys have had poor results in the last two matches. In addition to being bent by his eternal rival, Real Madrid, 2-0 in the El Classico match last week, the Blaugrana also only drew against Napoli in the Champions League.

While Sociedad was in the heat by winning the last six matches in all competitions, including Mirandes who secured a seat in the Copa del Rey final. In this match, Setien played three strikers. The new player they hijacked from Leganes, Martin Braithwaite, was installed as player number 9, flanked by Messi and Griezmann.

On the other hand, Sociedad relies on a young Norwegian loaner from Madrid, Martin Odegaard. In this match, Sociedad was able to compensate for ball possession with 46 percent compared to Barcelona’s 54 percent. In the case of a goal kick, Barcelona is 7 ahead of 1.

As usual, Cules started the game with a short pass from foot to foot and then headed for Messi. The 10th minute, the 2019 best player of the world sent a pass to Braithwaite which was completed with a flat kick that Remiro could still thwart.

Four minutes later, Messi-Braithwaite’s one-two touch was again thwarted by Remiro because the ball headed in his arms. The 17th minute, the Danish player broke into Sociedad’s goal after receiving feedback from Jordi Alba. However, he first said off the side.

Sociedad Played it Good with Balanced Fight Back

Sociedad is not without resistance. Imanol Alguacil’s care boy dared to display an offensive game at home to Barca, especially, through the actions of Oedgaard and Portu. However, Pique, Lenglet, and Ter Stegen were still able to conquer their efforts.

Messi again threatened in the 30th minute after winning the ball from Gorosbe on the left side. He then sent the bole to the middle. Sergio Busquets then returns the ball to the Argentine who runs in front of the goal with a parcel feed.

At the end of the first half, Messi almost made his first goal at the game. Too bad, Romero can still bounce the ball. Until the first half ended, there were no more significant opportunities from the two teams. Griezmann did not do much in the first round, which then continued in the next round.

Barcelona finally met its luck in the 81st minute. At that time the ball hit Le Normand’s hand who wanted to dispel Arturo Vidal’s cross. VAR saw that his arm position was unnatural. Referee Juan Martinez Munuera also gave a penalty. Oyarzabal was awarded a yellow card when protesting.

Messi executes a penalty. His left foot sent the ball of jagged chips into the right corner of the net, slipping Remiro resulting in 1-0 for Barcelona. No more dangerous opportunities for both teams until the end of the round. These results make Cules return to the top of the table.